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Abigail Mentzer Designs presents a designer dancewear line for professional dancers and artistic atheletes of all kinds.

From ballet class to rehearsal to pilates and the gym, our handmade clothing is comfortable, fashionable and functional.

The arts are not a luxury but we can feel luxurious while making art.

Black Leotard

Black Leotard - $65.00

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Gold Skirt

Gold Skirt - $25.00

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Navy Skirt

Navy Skirt - $25.00

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Brick Skirt -Limited Edition!

Brick Skirt -Limited Edition! - $25.00

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Mint Green -Limited Edition!

Mint Green -Limited Edition! - $25.00

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Eggplant Purple -Limited Edition!

Eggplant Purple -Limited Edition! - $25.00

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Rose Print -Limited Edition!

Rose Print -Limited Edition! - $25.00

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Polka Dot -Limited Edition!

Polka Dot -Limited Edition! - $25.00

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Black Skirt

Black Skirt - $25.00

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Light Grey Skirt

Light Grey Skirt - $25.00

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Tan Skirt

Tan Skirt - $25.00

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Pumpkin - $25.00

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